The Institute for Emerging Adulthood

The Institute for Emerging Adulthood Inc. is a group private practice serving adults in the Five College Area. Our offices are in Northampton and Amherst. We provide psychotherapy for being and becoming in changing terrain. Our team of clinicians compassionately engage 

  • depression, anxiety, trauma

  • race-based trauma, POC, dialogues on whiteness

  • queerness and gender

  • couple and poly relationships

  • a creative and embodied process

Meet the Team

Jaycelle Basford-Pequet, LICSW


In the game of Go, an ancient Chinese board game, you may be completely surrounded by your opponent yet still be free if you have access to an inner liberty. Are you and your partner(s) needing some wiggle room in the gridlock? Might therapy be a place to continue to cultivate your resiliency in the face of it all? Might self care be one of many acts of critical resistance? Does your struggling, creative, trickster self need intentional space? Do you have loved ones to care for and need some time for yourself?

I am the Director for The Institute for Emerging Adulthood which serves adults in the Five College Area. I work with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, and parenting issues using talk therapy, somatic therapy, and EMDR. I'm committed to compassionately engaging individuals who identify as LGBTQ and/or POC.

I trained at Smith College School for Social Work and the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, California. I teach about queerness and racism at Smith College School for Social Work. The Institute for Emerging Adulthood is a group private practice providing therapy for being and becoming in changing terrain.

Amy Basford-Pequet, LICSW

Clinical Director

Profile coming soon!

Sophia Zucker, LICSW

Clinical Associate

In my work as a therapist, I strive to help people explore the stories that have brought them to the present moment. Often, these stories (personal, familial, cultural, and more) operate in our lives as unconscious scripts, shaping patterns of behavior, beliefs, and ways of relating to others and to ourselves. Sometimes these patterns can create pain, fear, or a feeling of being stuck, and often this is when a person might seek therapy. My intention is to meet each person and their complex stories with warmth, respect, and a deep curiosity about what shows up emotionally and somatically.


I practice therapy through a collaborative, trauma-informed, and anti-oppression lens. This means that we work together to explore the ways that your experiences - including oppression based on race, gender identity/expression, and other marginalized identities - have affected your life, and to make space for new stories and experiences.

I am a clinician practicing at The Institute for Emerging Adulthood, a group practice providing psychotherapy for being and becoming in changing terrain.

Rachel Locke, LICSW

Clinical Associate 

I have a warm, calm and accepting presence and enjoy examining the work from multiple perspectives. I believe clinical work should help increase insight by finding connections between past experiences, the present moment and expectations of the future. My practice is informed by psychodynamic approaches, creating an open and flexible space that is responsive to changing needs. I incorporate metaphor, analogy, art, music, play, mindfulness and relaxation to more fully explore the self in moving toward expression and authenticity.

Incorporating a social justice lens, we may examine how you interact with the world, how the world interacts with you, and how this may contribute to stress and trauma or influence mood and social interactions. My hope is that we may work toward increased understanding of self and greater compassion.

I practice at The Institute for Emerging Adulthood, a group private practice that provides psychotherapy for adults in the Five College Area navigating being and becoming in changing terrain. I am committed to engaging social identities - queerness, gender, class, and whiteness. I have experience working with students struggling in academia.

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, LCSW

Clinical Associate Intern

Profile coming soon!

Shanna Fishel, LCSW

Clinical Associate Intern 

Some seek therapy as a way to discover a new way of being. As you navigate your life, my intention is to offer clinical perspectives that may help you work through concerns, highlight your purpose, and your pleasure. I use a trauma-informed, healing-centered approach to support your growth. Guided by principles of consent, I provide care that allows you to be curious about yourself and those around you. With a background of teaching and sex education, and motivated by social justice and equity, I am deeply touched by the opportunity to work with clients and support an empathetic space that encourages choice and personal agency.

In my work, I employ a psychodynamic, cultural-relational lens. My clinical interests include: couple / relationship therapy, sex and intimacy, functional diversity / special needs, kink dynamics, sexual health in recovery, non-traditional relationships and families, gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation, as well as anxiety related to life events.

As you work towards your goals, I hold a non-judgmental space to witness something different, something new. Together we co-create a continual process of connection and collaboration, and discover another way of engaging and relating. As a clinician at The Institute of Emerging Adulthood I am excited to work with you on the process of being and becoming.


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