The Institute for Emerging Adulthood

The Institute for Emerging Adulthood Inc. is a group private practice serving adults in the Five College Area. Our two offices in Northampton and Amherst provide psychotherapy for being and becoming in changing terrain. Our team of clinicians compassionately engage 

  • depression, anxiety, trauma

  • race-based trauma, POC, dialogues on whiteness

  • queerness and gender

  • couple and poly relationships

  • a creative and embodied process

Meet the Team

Jaycelle Pequet, LICSW


In the game of Go, an ancient Chinese board game, you may be completely surrounded by your opponent yet still be free if you have access to an inner liberty. Are you and your partner(s) needing some wiggle room in the gridlock? Might therapy be a place to continue to cultivate your resiliency in the face of it all? Might self care be one of many acts of critical resistance? Does your struggling, creative, trickster self need intentional space? Do you have loved ones to care for and need some time for yourself?

I am the Director for The Institute for Emerging Adulthood which serves adults in the Five College Area. I work with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, and parenting issues using talk therapy, somatic therapy, and EMDR. I'm committed to compassionately engaging individuals who identify as LGBTQ and/or POC.

I trained at Smith College School for Social Work and the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, California. I teach about queerness and racism at Smith College School for Social Work. The Institute for Emerging Adulthood is a group private practice providing therapy for being and becoming in changing terrain.

Jaycelle Basford-Pequet, LICSW

Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, LCSW

Clinical Associate Intern

Britt picture.jpg

One of the gifts of therapy is that it can offer healing, change and acceptance through building relationship. We will collaboratively create a therapeutic environment that allows you to show up as you are. I offer flexibility to your changing needs as you cultivate insight, tap self compassion and navigate the self through your personal history and its impact on the present moment. My practice is informed by psychodynamic and relational approaches, queer theory, anti-oppression and integrative modalities to meet your hopes and goals for therapy.


It is my intention to approach each person with curiosity and care as we engage in your story. Together, we might consider the various sociopolitical, environmental, interpersonal and internal factors that impact how you view yourself and the feelings that arise while investigating the roots and purposes of your narratives.


I practice at The Institute for Emerging Adulthood, a group private practice that provides psychotherapy for adults in the Five College Area navigating being and becoming in changing terrain. I am committed to engaging social identities - queerness, gender, class, and whiteness.

Beth Lowry, LCSW

As a therapist, I view my role as one of witnessing and accompanying individuals as they discover resiliencies and make meaning. Other people experience my presence as grounded, warm, and accepting.


I am a recent graduate of the Smith College School for Social Work. My therapeutic work is informed by a psychodynamic perspective, with particular emphasis on relational and attachment-based theory. I strive to create space for insight and connection, and I try to be attuned to the ways in which identities and relationships inform how we experience ourselves in the world. 


I have experience working in college mental health and community-based settings, and feel particularly connected to engaging in longer-term work with individuals in early adulthood. My interests include working within the queer community, immigration-related issues, and identity development and exploration.

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Caitlin Bunning, LCSW

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Moving 'at a glacial pace' may carry a negative connotation, but we could all learn a thing or two from a mountain’s glacier. A glacier is "a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight." Indeed, it may move slowly, but it is always moving. One microscopic change in the ice can permanently alter the landscape. Therapy works much the same; with patience and commitment to both ourselves and the therapeutic process, we find that really looking at ourselves allows us to move under our own weight. One small insight can change our outlook profoundly.


As a therapist in social work, I care deeply about supporting one’s process to change, however it looks like. I enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds, but have a special interest in college students and people in the LGBTQ+ community. My therapeutic approach is psychodynamic, attachment-focused, and trauma-informed, and I enjoy using humor and metaphor to relate to my clients.

Lihuan Meyer

Systems Coordinator

I have known Jaycelle for a number of years and am pleased to be joining the Institute for Emerging Adulthood team as systems coordinator. In this role, I strive to make the behind-the-scenes run smoothly. Outside of my work here, I am a senior studying applied mathematics at the University of Massachusetts. 

Chakatpol Dechanupong

Project Manager

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As project manager, I work to provide administrative and technological support to the Institute for Emerging Adulthood. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, rollerblading and spending time with my two cats. 


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